The Alternative to In-Person Trade Shows

Virtual Global Tradeshows enables buyers and sellers to meet safely and efficiently.
Deerfield, IL, April 22, 2021 -- As the Coronavirus started wreaking havoc across every corner of the world, business owners saw one of their main sources of new business disappear. The in-person trade show became an impossibility with the need to social distance and lockdowns. Buyers were not in a position to source new products for the ever-growing needs and sellers were challenged by the lack of new customers.

Data shows that in 2021, 65% of vendors plan to exhibit at a tradeshow, down from 85% in the prior year. Another startling statistic is that the number of vendors that find exhibiting at tradeshows critical to their business is also down, at only 57%. These reductions have huge repercussions for national and global trade.

Lanky Levy, a businesswoman with experience working around the globe, saw a huge opportunity to replicate the experience of an in-person trade show, virtually! Within a matter of a few short weeks, Virtual Global Tradeshow was launched in 2020 and introduced around the world to dozens of industries.

The online platform incorporates features that make it easy and economical to set up a booth for prospective buyers. The booths allow suppliers to showcase products and with a few short clicks, buyers can reach the suppliers’ websites. Virtual Global Tradeshow mitigated the issue the pandemic imposed on tradeshows and is now a crucial link between companies who rely on their websites to drive sales opportunities.

“The need for a safe, quick and low-cost alternative to the in-person tradeshow was immediately apparent and Virtual Global Tradeshow has now become the de facto source for businesses to meet on a global level. The results are outstanding and I’m thrilled that the service allows so many to prosper,” said Lanky Levy, President of Virtual Global Tradeshow.

With its 365/24/7 availability, free access to attendees and with the low fee of only $40 a month for exhibitors, Virtual Global Tradeshow is now an invaluable channel for companies seeking to grow safely, from the comfort of their computers.

As an incentive, Virtual Global Tradeshow is offering a free month to exhibitors by signing up through this link.

About Virtual Global Tradeshow:
Virtual Global Tradeshow is the only virtual trade show with dozens of industry categories that allows companies to exhibit without having to travel, ship samples, booths, equipment and incur high expenses. The website allows access for exhibitors from around the globe for a low flat $40 monthly rate.

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Lanky Levy
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