"2022 Black History Month - A Phillip E. Walker Video Memoir" is Being Created Online

Artists are invited to attend online this Friday night (8:10pm PST 1-7-22) to assist PhilE in developing his 60th short film during the inaugural 2022 First Friday Films showcase.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Jan 7, 2022 -- The First Friday Films' (FFF) fourth year opens 2022 with its most unusual short film showcase. For the first time ever, this free, monthly online, written chat gathering convenes with the display of an incomplete video. Two days from now, indie filmmaker Phillip E. Walker-MFA hosts artists in creating his Black History Month memoir movie. Scheduled for Worldwide release during the 2022 Lunar New Year (February 1st) on the new Inland Empire Films short film distribution platform, this is your chance to be a part of an unbelievable opportunity.

With this being the first LA MovieMakers' production, Walker is International Motion Picture Critics Awards' first ever Life Time Achievement honoree. Now in pre-production, "2022 Black History Month..." has already won 10 awards from 4 continents.

Phillip hopes to utilize this Friday's attendees as collaborating artists who help work on the production's completion. Following the FFF video treatment viewing, an online, Meetup Forum written discussion chat will ensue where those attendees volunteer to deliver their expertise in the making of a higher quality work of art.

"I plan to increase the quality of my new little motion picture by using talents of the World's filmmakers", he says. "Being a five-time award winning independent film producer myself, I'll compensate Friday's participants by securing Worldwide film festival awards for their continued work on this production".

Due to the Pandemic, no Worldwide member of this new production team will ever leave the safety of their home, since all labor devoted to this project will be executed online. Therein, we will strive to set a new industry bar for virtual short film creation with this second ever production being created exclusively for https://StreamingFilmChannel.com.

Subject wise, the completed "2022 Black History Month..." under ten-minute short will depict Walker's more than half century of artist activism via a documentary that displays authentic, unique historical photos & videos of his seminal work in helping to establish the World's annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, Black History Month and Kwanzaa celebrations. With this short's goal being to encourage that similar work be done to establish the visibility of America's new Juneteenth National Holiday, his Walker Entertainer Academy newly designated Golden Bird Best Production House continues to make art that has a purpose.

So, please join Dr. Ethel Pitts Walker and Phil online 8:10 to10:00pm PST during the first Friday of 2022 (January 7th) at http://FirstFridayFilms.com to help create a movie plus make history at the same time. We promise that you will be rewarded in many ways.

Phillip Eugene Walker