Working from Home? Feeling alone? Check out My Home Office Hacks

Yes, working from home has many benefits—commute, wardrobe, optional bathing, etc. You do tend to feel like you’re missing out on things. Best coffee? Latest productivity app? Where to shop for a new (fill in the blank). This used to be the kind of info you would get in the lunchroom at work or grabbing a coffee. My Home Office Hacks, a new Substack newsletter by Joe D’Eramo of Plymouth, MA, will attempt to bridge that gap.

Joe D’Eramo
“There are plenty of folks who work from home now. Whether it’s running a business, contractor/freelancer or staff of a company. There are so many of doing this, why not help each other out by sharing what’s working, what’s not. Or what do I do from losing it at my keyboard?” said D’Eramo, who has been working remotely since 2002 as the owner of HiRoad Communications. “My Home Office Hacks is virtual water cooler where we share ideas about the remote working experience.”

Adds D’Eramo, “Input and ideas from readers about what’s working for them are always welcome.”

My Home Office Hacks officially launched in May 2021 as a monthly newsletter. D’Eramo upgraded My Home Office Hacks to a weekly newsletter in October. The newsletter is published on Monday mornings.

In addition to helpful home office tips, My HOH, as D’Eramo affectionately refers to the publication, features the author’s dry sense of humor featured in some of his previous writing efforts—mostly notably his self-published book, Recipes for the Roommate-Impaired.

Titles of some of the first editions of My Home Office Hacks include: Thank you, Chuck Norris; Working from Home and the Second Best Line from Con Air; I Hate When People Eat on Zoom Calls; and Could You Do That in a Normal Office.

“A lot of people treated working at home as sort of a snow day at first. It is definitely not as easy as you might think,” said D’Eramo. “In a lot of ways, it’s more difficult as bosses still expect you to produce. And if you own your own business, you know you have to put the work in. My HOH tries to fill a bit of the void left by not being in an office.”

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