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Bollywood Curtiques Hollywood: A Film de Arte Video Review will soon explore Walker Entertainer Academy's “Inland Empire Films Promo”.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA, March 17, 2022 --
West Bengal, India's Film de Arte will release a review and interview article on each of 13 multi-award-winning short films that are marketed by the Southern California based Walker Entertainer Academy Entertainment and Media Public Relations Agency

Are you ready to view extensive reporting on 13 unique Hollywood based indie short films and videos?", asks movie producer Phillip E. Walker-MFA.

In weeks and months to come, the public will get to view a YouTube published video review of: the Realize Your Potential web-series pilot "Pandemic Prospering Part 1" hosted by Michael Williams-LMFT and Travis D. Walker-JD, the Hollywood A-List celebrity video "Courteney Cox on Instagram", Billy Bramblett's "#33rd Amendment" musical short film directed by Emmy Award winner Mark Adler, the independent short black comedy film "Struggle" by debut director Lessie Philpot, center of Hollywood based Andre Campbell's Abbott and Costello homage micro short film "Lew's Up First", the Walker Entertainer Academy production company itself, a video review of the screenplay that is the foundation for the upcoming University of Southern California film school assignment Black movie "Dancing with Maleeah" directed by first year undergraduate film student Stephanie Bell with its new website plus Paris' Mont. Blanc International Movie Fest 2021 Outstanding Original Music awarded Brian Vermeire's Inland Empire Films Promo (IEFP) video directed by International Motion Picture Critics Awards' 2021 Life Time Achievement honoree Phillip Walker.

With First Friday Films having just published its interview of Brian at, the IEFP commercial speaks to the Channel's goal of becoming the world's most independent artist friendly home for their short films.

While each of the above 8 video reviews are being published by this media outlet, will always be directed to the most recent Film de Arte publication. This Indian arts organization will also publish formal written reviews of: the Festival de Cannes dubbed dysfunctional family thriller "Darkroom" directed by then California State University-Long Beach sophomore student David Schell & starring Lawndon Nc.Abram Grant, PhilE's (stage name) Hollywood exposé documentary "", his California full-time talent employment securing instructional video "Hollywood Actor Jobs Workshop", WEA's most honored film the Chaplinesque "WineGame" directed by Loyola Marymont School of Film and Television graduate student Vahan Bedelian and the 57 award winning "2022 Black History Month-a Phillip E. Walker Video Memoir" with sound engineered by NYU Fullbright Scholar Alberto Anaya Lopez-MFA.

Further, Film de Arte will publish a written interview of a principal artist in each of the 13 explored films or videos.

Finally, Film de Arte will also bestow its "exclusive film awards to passionate filmmakers" in all 13 of the above Walker Entertainer Academy marketed films and videos.

So, please stay tuned for particular film or video publication announcements.

Media Contact:
Phillip E. Walker