BTI Launches Health Club Division

Hanover, MA, October 12, 2022 --
Brookline Transportation, Inc. (BTI), a Mayflower Van Lines agent specializing in commercial, lab, medical, science and residential moves, recently announced a health club division to its arsenal of commercial moving offerings. The new division will have staff and resources specific for health clubs, gyms and other sports facilities.

“We’ve moved our share of gyms over the years. It’s a precision operation that often times involves the disassembly of equipment at the current location and then assembly at the new location,” said George Rohlfing, owner of the family owned and operated BTI. “The thing about gym moves is they usually take place outside of business hours for the gym. So that could late night or early morning and that can present some challenges.”

BTI recently moved Foundation Fitness into its new location in downtown Boston, located between School Street and Court Street. That move took place in the early morning hours this past winter.

“That time of day is really the only time you could do a move like that,” said Rohlfing.

Rohlfing noted another recent health club move for The Weight Room in Newton, Massachusetts. BTI moved the gym to its new location at 82 Needham Street in Newton.

“The new location had just paved it’s parking lot. That meant entering the building through a back entrance,” said Rohlfing. “Of course, the reward for moving literally tons of weights was to set up the equipment inside.”

BTI offers disassembly and assembly services on all its moves.

In addition to its services for health clubs, BTI offers a wide range of relocations services for residential, commercial and lab move customers. For complete information on BTI’s relocation services, please visit or call 800-766-7724.

About Brookline Transportation, Inc. (BTI):
Since its founding in 1943, BTI has coordinated and executed thousands of commercial and residential moves throughout the greater Boston area to Cape Cod. A Mayflower franchise, BTI has the capability to conduct international and cross country relocations.

BTI’s services include: Professional Packing; Special Crating; Storage, Loading & Unloading Services, Workplace services, and Automobile Moves. For more information on Brookline Transportation services, visit or call (781) 561-1033 1-800-766-7724.

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