BIJOUX Ultra Lounge: Experience The Future of F&B NFTs

Singapore, Mar 16, 2023 -- BIJOUX Ultra Lounge presents its NFT-centric vision for the future of the food and beverage (F&B) industry this March 24th, 2023 at the Sofitel Sentosa, Singapore. Unlike most NFT club memberships that offer only clubbing benefits, BIJOUX takes the concept a notch up and offers the chance of experiencing ultra lounge ownership. The trendsetting club will also be accepting payment in both fiat and cryptocurrency.

Based in Manila, the Philippines, BIJOUX Ultra Lounge is an elite nightclub and fashion show establishment that has partnered with Asia’s most successful female DJ Nicole Chen. The globetrotting DJ has performed on decks all around the world including the prestigious Ultra Japan and Ultra Korea dance festivals.

Web3 technologies such as blockchain have been a major influence in the finance sector, with the global cryptocurrencies market cap currently at over US$1 Trillion as of this writing. 2021 was of course the year of the NFT, where artists made history with their NFT art sales such as Beeple with his montage ‘Everydays: The First 5000’ that sold for US$69 million at Christie’s auction house or Pak whose art piece ‘The Merge’ collected US$91.8 Million on Nifty Gateway, bought by 28,983 collectors who purchased 300,000 plus pieces units of the project. According to Statista, global NFT revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 22.82% resulting in a projected total amount of US$8.068 Billion by 2027 and the number of NFT users is expected to reach 64.45 million. NFTs or non-fungible tokens are, for the uninitiated, one-of-a-kind digital tokens on a blockchain that can convey ownership of digital assets such as images, videos, music or, as is the case with BIJOUX, a world first use-case of an ultra lounge club ownership.

The BIJOUX NFTs also grant holders a number of club benefits such as VIP access, food, drink and club booking discounts, free guest entry, private event invitations, bottle storage and other third-party airdrops. With two price tiers at US$100 and US$2,500 per NFT, these digital certificates are designed to give both ‘Loungers’ and ‘Spenders’ the true VIP experience of decentralized club ownership in the sunny Philippines, a country where over 30 percent of all adults own NFTs. Created with the latest dynamic NFT technology, the BIJOUX NFTs have the capability to monitor the ultra lounge in real-time.

BIJOUX Ultra Lounge NFT Collection Launch:

BIJOUX’s innovative F&B solution includes the component of ownership through the limited NFT collection which will be explained in greater detail at the Sofitel Sentosa event. Indeed, the BIJOUX Ultra Lounge NFTs present an interesting opportunity to explore how Web3 technology can influence club culture within a decentralized stakeholder economy.

The team behind the unique innovative club concepts have a wealth of experience in the Web3, NFT, startup, fashion and F&B sectors and will be presenting their vision on March 24th at So Spa, Sofitel Sentosa Singapore, where special offers will be available for each NFT purchased at the event. Thereafter, DJ Nicole will give the audience a taste of a BIJOUX party, performing her dynamic set. There will also be performances by two other DJs – DJ Amy and DJ Hiroshi.

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