Serenity Vista Leads Addiction Treatment Field in Accepting Bitcoin

Serenity Vista announces the acceptance of bitcoin as a payment option for alcohol & drug rehab. Bitcoin offers advantages of privacy, security, fast transactions, convenience and low transaction fees. This initiative is consistent with Serenity Vista's commitment to continually strive to providing the optimal recovery experience for their guests.

Boquete, Panama, Nov 17, 2018 -- Serenity Vista is excited to announce the acceptance of bitcoin as payment for alcohol & drug rehab treatment.

Serenity Vista leads the addiction treatment sector in offering bitcoin payment for alcohol or drug rehab. This initiative is consistent with Serenity Vista's commitment to respecting each guest's right to privacy and confidentiality. Paying with bitcoin gives the client a payment option that keeps their transaction private from employers and health, financial and legal systems.

Bitcoin, now ten years old, and increasingly other cryptocurrencies, continue to gain mainstream adoption. Bitcoin offers a convenient means of paying for rehab. Payment can be done from home with no need to wait for funds to transfer or to visit the bank. Bitcoin may also offer a solution for those that have bitcoin, yet when it comes time for needing to pay for rehab, may not have cash readily available.

Advantages of Bitcoin

As a digital form of currency, bitcoin offers many advantages over traditional fiat money such as the dollar, pound or euro, and traditional payment systems such as the use of credit cards and bank transfers.

With there being no central authority, bank or government involved, transactions are open to anyone and no authority controls or owns. Transactions are relatively inexpensive, fast, inexpensive, and highly private.

Adoption as Currency

While still going through growing pains, bitcoin continues to evolve to a stable form of currency. Some major companies have adopted bitcoin as a payment option. Bitcoin is particularly ideal for the health care sector due to the privacy protections. "Serenity Vista feels strongly that people should be able to ensure their privacy of all aspects of their life, especially personal health related issues," says John Derry, Director of Serenity Vista. "Addiction treatment is no exception."

Serenity Vista carefully chose a bitcoin payment system that is fast, simple to use, inexpensive, and secure.  This avoids bank transfer or wiring fees. A client can now securely pay for their rehab program within minutes in the privacy of their own home.

Serenity Vista Leads the Way

Being the leader in the adoption of bitcoin as a means of payment is a reflection of Serenity Vista's values. "We are committed to staying current with the best ways of providing the optimal healing experience for our guests," says John Derry. "As this technology evolves and continues to mature, other cryptocurrency payment options will likely be included."

"This is an indication of the thought and effort we put into providing payment options for our guests," says Derry. "Just image the effort, dedication and thoughtfulness behind the program experience once the guest enters the doors of Serenity Vista."

Serenity Vista is dedicated to maximally helping their guests throughout their entire journey of recovery. Having the option to pay for rehab with bitcoin is one step toward making the process more simple and guarantee privacy.

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