Don’t Get Ripped Off with High Card Processing Fees!

National Retail Solutions (NRS) Launches Low-Rate Credit Processing Service. 2.49% Credit Card Swipe Rate Can Cut Payment Processing Costs by $1,000+ per Year.

Newark, Jun 26, 2019 -- National Retail Solutions (NRS), operator of one of the nation’s largest point-of-sale networks for independent retailers, today introduced NRS PAY, a payment processing service that enables any independent retailer – store-based, mobile and virtual - to reduce their payment processing costs and boost their bottom line.

NRS PAY works with all major credit and debit cards and with mobile payment solutions such as Apple Pay and Android Pay. There is no application fee and no long term contracts are necessary. Best of all, equipment is free with a terminal assurance program. For users of the NRS POS+, NRS PAY seamlessly integrates into the system. NRS PAY can be used for online transactions as well.

“NRS PAY provides retail store owners - including bodegas, virtual stores, liquor and tobacco merchants - with a better way to process credit cards and other forms of payment. With a high-tech reader, free set-up, and low 2.49% plus ten cents transaction swipe card rate, many store store owners can save over $1,000 a year just by switching to NRS PAY,” said Elie Y. Katz, founder, president and CEO of NRS.

Credit card processing fees have been skyrocketing recently. NRS COO, Eli Korn, recently observed local bodegas paying over 30% to greedy processing firms. Because of its relationship with thousands of small businesses, NRS promised to fix these wrongdoings and offer an affordable payment processing system of its own which puts merchants first. NRS PAY fees are negotiated on a store by store basis to ensure each business receives an affordable rate and funds are refunded within 24 hours.

Aside from low processing fees, NRS PAY offers:
- A cash discount program.
- 24/7 customer support.
- A statement analysis team.
- Live currency conversion (for high tourist areas).

NRS PAY is PCI compliant ensuring all transactions are safe and secure. To find out more about the NRS PAY, NRS, and its POS system visit our website at or call us at 833-289-2767.

About National Retail Solutions (NRS):
NRS operates a point-of-sale (POS) terminal-based platform and merchant services for independent retailers and bodega owners nationwide. The point of sale platform provides a robust portfolio of tools to help these retailers compete more effectively, including inventory tracking, store statistics, user management, integration with Boss Revolution® communication and payment services, and integration with the BR Club loyalty program. Optional NRS PAY credit card processing can be integrated seamlessly with the POS. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) suppliers are able to leverage the NRS platform to provision promotions, coupons and special offers to independent retailers and their predominantly urban customer bases nationwide. NRS PAY is a service of National Retail Solutions. NRS is a subsidiary of IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT).

Media Contact:
Elie Y. Katz
President & CEO
National Retail Solutions
520 Broad Street,
Newark, NJ 07102