Launch of Unique Bracelet Honors Victims of Genocide Worldwide

I Remember & Company LLC is proud to announce the launch of their signature product, the I REMEMBER BRACELET.

New York, NY, June 22, 2019 -- I Remember & Company LLC is proud to announce the launch of their signature product, the I REMEMBER BRACELET.

This unique piece of jewelry was conceived by Bonnie Glogover, business innovator and entrepreneur, in memory of her beloved late father, Holocaust survivor Stanley (Szlamek) Jackson Glogover,  (1925 –2013). However, it was created to honor all victims and survivors of genocide worldwide, past and present.

Together with her two business partners, Fifth Avenue jeweler, Philip J. Weisner, (also a descendant of Shoah survivors) and award-winning Holocaust author, Anna Ray-Jones, she formed the Remember & Company LLC.  The company's purpose was, (and is), to design, produce and promote the bracelet.

"I felt the need for a memorial piece of jewelry made in shining metals," says Bonnie, "that would reflect my father's wartime experiences. Prayer and faith helped him to survive two years in Auschwitz.  But, since genocide can, and is happening again, my partners and I thought of a bracelet that would revere every victim of ethnic cleansing."

Jeweler, Philip J. Weisner says, "My ideas for the bracelet considered what it meant to be removed from one's homeland, dispossessed, exiled, and even worse. My design interpretation is derived from the train tracks of the railhead at Birkenau. This is not only where Jews suffered, but where thousands of prisoners, representing many faiths and nationalities, were selected to live or perish. The bracelet is a resonant symbol of defiance and hope."

The I REMEMBER BRACELET collection is produced in silver, 18 carat yellow, rose and white gold, and in  platinum. The item is gender-neutral and is intended to be worn permanently to signify a journey of love and memory. The phrase
"I REMEMBER" is inscribed on the inside, with space allowed to engrave the name of a loved one or a special anniversary date.

The title "I Remember" as a name for the bracelet's brand was suggested by Bonnie's mother, Mrs. Joanie Glogover. She thought that a less mournful phrase was needed, other than standard "Never forget", in order to put a positive spin on a dark chasm of the past.

Bonnie comments, "The bracelet is designed to evoke conversations and meaningful dialogue between the wearer and those who look upon it. Think of it as wearing history on your arm. It can also serve as a bridge between generations."

A percentage of all purchases of the I REMEMBER Bracelet will be donated to the USC Shoah Foundation. To explore the USC Shoah Foundation's mission, testimony collection and Stronger Than Hate initiative, visit:

Aside from this program, I Remember & Company LLC will also be sending matching funds to a different anti-genocide charity every month.  These would be non-profits that serve refugees and migrants worldwide uprooted from their homes by war, crime and political injustice.

About I Remember & Company LLC:
I Remember & Company LLC is a collaborative effort between Bonnie Glogover, business innovator and entrepreneur, Fifth Avenue jeweler, Philip J. Weisner and award-winning Holocaust author, Anna Ray-Jones. United in their efforts to create the I REMEMBER BRACELET, their showroom is located at: 580 Fifth Avenue, Suite 415, New York, 10036.

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