Ysmart Unveils the TIPEN

World’s Smallest Multi Use EDC Pen.

London, UK, Jun 27, 2019 -- YSMART, one of the most innovative and disruptive cool EDC gadgets brands, is proud to launch TIPEN, the world’s smallest pen tool on Kickstarter. ​ Designed to be the smallest and yet toughest pens out there. A ​ must-have everyday carry for anyone and everyone.

Most of us have a pen and in some occasion, pen is so important in our daily life. ​ The truth is, you can’t go wrong with the old-fashioned classic of a pen and a piece of paper.
For creative writers, it’s a method for remembering important plot details on-the-fly. For inventors, engineers, and craftsmen, it’s a way to convert light-bulb moments into actual blueprints. Even if you just look at it as a contingency plan, a writing utensil is still worth carrying all the time.

The TIPEN is exactly the pen you needed, not just a ultra-portable writing instrument and it is also a super tough tool.

Minimal Appearance, Maximum Functionality. The most striking quality of the TIPEN is its size which is as small as a key. But don’t think that it’s fragile. It’s waterproof, fireproof and smashproof. Aside from making notes, the tungsten carbide ballpoint tip also works for opening packages in a pinch and even doubles as an emergency impact tool should the dire need ever arise.

Perfect for EDC and travel. Combined with its lanyard-compatible keyring attachment point, the TIPEN offers so many ways to carry it so you'll never be without a pen. The most obvious way to go is on your keys, but you can also wear it on a necklace, use it as a zipper pull for a jacket or bag, or even carry it loose in your coin pocket or travel wallet.

“A lot of people within the EDC community have a fascination with tiny things -- myself included. There's something incredibly pleasing about carrying and using a tool that's small, lightweight and can still get the job done.” said YSMART Designer.

For more information, contact our team at ysmartlondon@gmail.com or please visit the Kickstarter page ​here

Ysmart Team