Rock Down the River This Summer

SOUL GEAR: All New Waterproof Dry Bag with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

Rockville, MD, July 21, 2019 -- Combine 2 Must Haves in 1 - SOUL GEAR will revolutionize the way you listen to music outdoors! This summer you can rock on down the river to your favorite tunes with SOUL GEAR, the innovative new waterproof drybag backpack that features a built-in fully waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker that connects to your smart phone. Connect your favorite playlist, and use the dry sack as a waterproof phone pouch for your mobile device, car keys and other valuables. It's the perfect source of music entertainment for any outdoor water sports - kayaking, rafting, boating, canoeing, tubing, swimming, and hanging out at the beach. Or, it can act as a floating cooler on the river or an extra buoy at the beach!

Forget about the wireless earbuds that don’t fit, fall out and can’t get wet. And yet. Keep your music anywhere around water, worry-free.  The wireless Bluetooth speaker features a solar panel (10-12 hour charge in full sun), USB charge port (2 hour charge) and a 1,000mAh built-in lithium ion battery that delivers 4-6 hours of music playtime.

The SOUL GEAR wireless Bluetooth speaker panel is encased in PVC plastic housing that also has multi-colored LED light settings either for entertainment or practical use. No more digging inside a dark bag at night. Just turn on the LED light and see all your gear inside the bag.

We tested the SOUL GEAR while biking in the 12 mile Tour de Cookie fund raiser ride on May 4, 2019, in Rockville, MD. Biking down the trail listening to our favorite radio station connected to a mobile device turned lots of heads. “Now that’s how you do it!” “Impressive!” and “Where can I get one?!” This product is sure to please this summer.

SOUL GEAR is waterproof and life-proof. The dry bag is manufactured using .5mm 500D coated tarpaulin polymer. High frequency bonding technology ensures reinforced seams and creates watertight seals at all stress points, providing maximum protection against abrasions at any temperature. The flexible roll top design, reinforced base, and secure, heavy-duty quick release buckles will keep your gear high and dry all day long.

SOUL GEAR is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled smart phones, with volume controlled by your mobile device. A bonus waterproof touch screen phone pouch (6.2” diameter) with velcro arm band and neck strap is included. Connect your playlist, pop your valuables, and other gear into the bag, and head on down river or over the bike trails.

SOUL GEAR is available directly from Solar Sporting Goods, as well as Amazon.

Victoria Harrison
Solar Sporting Goods, LLC