Phone Expert Recommends Best Waterproof Mobile Phones for Travel

Travel Trend identifies most water-resistant mobile devices for travelers, adventure seekers.

Berlin, Germany, Oct 25, 2019 -- Waterproof phones can be an exciting tool to bring on a travel adventure. These special phones are built with the durability to resist not just a drop in the hotel side pool but also the humid conditions of a rainforest, waterfall mist, rainstorms, and any other types of water exposure while traveling. With a waterproof phone, a traveler will never have to miss an opportunity to capture an amazing photo or video due to the risk of water damage.

While most phones aren’t waterproof, there are several options on the market from which to choose. Online travel resource Travel Trend recently examined the top waterproof phone options in the new article “Which waterproof mobile phone to take on your next travel” by Thomas Glare.

In the article, Glare, a phone expert and travel enthusiast, tests several types of waterproof phones for travel. The quality of being waterproof — or rather, the ability to be completely submerged in water without damage — is typically only available on high-end phones.

In his article, Glare offered an analysis of eight models of waterproof phones from established phone manufacturers, including Google Pixel 3 XL, Apple iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S10, iPhone XS Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, iPhone XR, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Apple iPhone 8, and Apple iPhone 8. He then discusses each phone’s level of water resistance and picks his favorites.

“With the abundance of mobile devices on the market from reputable vendors, each rich with features, it can be hard to identify the phone with the greatest level of water resistance,” said Uri Sharon, founder of Travel Trend. “We wanted to create a useful resource to help travelers break down the best options, examine their features, and choose the one that is right for your next travel adventure. Make sure to check out our article on choosing the best waterproof phone.”

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