Succeeded in Improving "Car Fuel Saving Principle"

Vehicle ECU (Automobile Computer Unit) Each Sensor Value Calculation Determines Fuel Injection Volume. Miracle 3 Installation Saves Over 20% Fuel by Optimizing the Combustion Chamber Environment.

Siheung-si, South Korea, Oct 30, 2019 -- Crezenn Announced That it has Succeeded in Converting Automobile Fuel and Reduction Principles into Combustion Chamber Optimization.

In Cars, Saving Fuel
1. Combustion Chamber Optimization is to Increase Fuel Efficiency, Increase Output, Reduce Noise and Vibration, Save Energy, and Improve the Quality of the Car.
2. Hazardous Gases Change to Energy if We Increase Efficiency, and Soot Decreases and Reduces Environmental Pollution
- Energy Savings, Environmental Pollution and Reduction Effects Can be Expected

Fuel Saving Device KR Patent number 10-1146026
Miracle3, Sometimes Called "Engine Pretreatment Fuel and Exhaust Gas Abatement Device" or "Fuel Saving Device", Miracle 3 Body is Installed in the Air Cleaner and Powered From the Control Box Attached to the Battery, It is a Method of Optimizing the Environment of a Combustion Chamber Using Air, High-tech, Carbon Fiber, Radiation Energy, Far Infrared Rays, Anions, Ceramic Balls, and a Magnetic Field, Suitable for Combustion.

"G SCAN 2" Tester Verification
When Driving at 100 Km / h, the Sensor Value and Change were Verified Before and After Installation.


Customer Product Purchase Costs, Within Two Months After Installation, are Recovered as Fuel Savings and Continue to Generate Revenue

The Car is
Euro 4, Gasoline, Diesel, LPG. Euro 5, Gasoline, Diesel, LPG. Euro 6, Gasoline, Diesel, LPG Optimization Data is Different
Crezenn has Developed Data for 15 Vehicles

Crezenn also Hopes to Attract Investment to Spread this Technology.

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