Miracles of Kingman Publishing Launches New Website

Miracles of Kingman Christian Publishing is a new company based out of Phoenix AZ the website focus mainly on the many books that Chaplain Paul Vescio wrote and published in the last three months.

Phoenix, AZ, December 11, 2019 -- LaTribuna Christian Publishing is pleased to announce the launch of their new website www.miraclesofkingman.com which focuses on the many books that Chaplain Paul Vescio wrote over the last ten years and incredibly self-published in the last three months.

Chaplain Paul has written over twelve books which include paperbacks and e-books published through Kindle Direct Publishing. He has an incredible story about all of the miracles of God that he personally experienced while he was an inmate at Kingman State Prison in Kingman AZ. from 2007 until 2010. In his book The Miracles Of Kingman State Prison Chaplain Paul shares many stories of Faith, Hope, and Love.

Chaplain Paul is quoted by saying, “For me prison was not so much a punishment as a gift of time to learn the word of God and to draw closer in relationship with Christ our Lord. This whole experience has changed my life for the better. I now serve as a Volunteer Community Chaplain in an Acute Respiratory Care Center and Rehab in Phoenix Az. I visit, share the word of God and pray with and pray for people who suffer dearly each day. I go three and four times each week on a voluntary basis. I also have a ministry called Cheesecakes For Christ where I bring homemade cheesecakes that I bake myself into Hospice, care-centers, hospitals and rehabs in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona. The whole idea behind Cheesecakes for Christ is to show appreciation to nurses, Doctors and staff and in so doing hopefully that love will transcend into the quality of care to the patients. I hope and pray that many people will visit our new website and in so doing be uplifted and blessed. Thank you.”

Chaplain Paul is a shining example of how lives can be changed for the better through the love of Christ.

Media Contact:
Chaplain Paul Vescio
LaTribuna Christian Publishing