Hair Detangler School Seeks Clients with Matted Tangled Hair for Free Detangle Services to Help Train Thousands

Detangling professionals on a rescue mission to train salons.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Feb 22, 2020 -- The matted hair restoration service in Atlanta, Georgia seeks clients with very matted tangled hair to receive free detangle services for video training for salon expansion.  Unfortunately, due to lack of education, many salons are actually making insensitive judgments about clients that have very matted tangled hair.

Most salons take one look at a severely matted hair client and want to say "have you considered a new hair cut," as stated by the Tangled Hair Techs staff.  Matted tangled hair is not only an eye sore; it does not create the first best impression. People who have matted tangled hair are inadvertently considered unprofessional and careless. This is also one reason why people with very matted tangled hair slip into depression and have really low self-esteem.

To help such people regain confidence and to help them have the best opportunities they can, they are seeking matted hair clients to video record their detangle services.  The clients will receive free professional hair detangler services only.  But clients will have to pay for aftercare services and for the Take Down Remover Detangler products used.

Clients who are interviewed and accepted will be booked for video recorded appointments in the Atlanta training center from February 25- March 25th 2020.  According to the Tangled Hair Techs staff, “when hair becomes seriously tangled or matted, most people become so scared.  They don’t want to cut their hair.  Some people go into denial by allowing their hair to stay this way.  They are ashamed to go out in public or to even to their salon.  Inevitably their hair gets worse.”

Hair Detangler School is looking to train more hairdressers or individuals who want to provide this service and increase their income.  These videos will be used for training

However, they don't need just any one; they need people who value and respect each individual’s God given beauty in hair.  Their love and faith in their work is based on Luke 1:37 of the Bible.  The tangled hair training course features a video training and practical training. The video training course requires participants to watch and learn from real clients who share their experiences with severely matted knotted tangled hair.

Once that section of the training is completed, the practical training will begin. During this training, individuals will be taught the different techniques used to save and restore clients' hair regardless of the severity of the tangles or matts.

These detangling experts know just what needs to be done in cases where people suffer from severely matted and unkempt hair. Matted tangled hair needs expert intervention because if any other method is followed to detangle hair, there is a very good chance that the hair will get damaged or loose strength. This is the reason why hair detangler professionals suggest that any such attempt made should be done by involving trained experts.

Through the video training the matted hair experts will expand locations to successfully deal with tangled and matted hair.

Tangled Hair Techs are extending their reach across the US and abroad by establishing hair restoration salons.  According to management, “this will enable us to provide enhanced and efficient service to any one in any city that contacts us.”

The company further states that there are so many women and men who are unable to save their hair due to lack of trained detangle techs in their cities, or salons that provide detangling services.  Albeit, they provide mobile services to individuals in hospitals that are bed ridden or residential centers for the elderly. Hence, the increased need for more salon locations.

They are overwhelmed with calls daily from people who are taking strong medications, bed ridden, suffering from depression, being released from long term hospitalization, pregnant, cancer patients, or people who are healing from illness and can not comb their hair for months.

Matted hair can lead to depression, low self esteem and frustration.   Hair is a major part of every person’s identity and when the hair becomes matted or severely tangled for long periods of time it affects the self esteem.  This is also compounded with the opinions and judgmental views of others, as indicated by the Tangled Hair Techs staff.

The company is also contacted by women who are victims of hairdresser mistakes, improper removal of braids, weaves, hair extensions or dreadlocks that have caused an increase in knots, clumps, or masses of tangled matted hair.

Unfortunately, due to lack of education, many salons are actually making insensitive judgments about clients that have very matted hair.  Their hairdressers do not know how to patiently detangle; they are judgmental, and unkind.  These hair stylists do not want to take the time to try to detangle a client that walks into the salon with severely matted tangled hair.

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