BVOP Launches Online Project Management Certification Program launched an online Project Management certification process by developing its platform for conducting online certification exams.

New York, NY, Jun 14, 2020 -- launched an online Project Management certification process by developing its platform for conducting online certification exams.

Business Value-Oriented Principles Ltd has published for the first time its BVOP Ultimate Guide which is the preparatory material for all certification programs. BVOP Ultimate Guide contains a collection of many business principles, rules, and recommendations that are aimed not only at future project managers but also for all modern professionals and managers.

After successfully passing the exam, candidates receive the title of BVOP Certified Project Manager and their indefinitely valid certificate.

BVOP certified professionals are not classic and traditional project managers. The organization requires from candidates knowledge of many more disciplines than traditional teachings. For example, for a project management certificate, applicants must also learn the product management sections from the book "BVOP Ultimate Guide" and vice versa - product managers must also learn the project management sections.

The organization also provides director's certificates for which the preparation is even more in-depth. The BVOP Program Director, for example, the title is obtained after successfully passing an exam on the entire guide.

Another distinguishing feature of the Business Value-Oriented Principles Ltd certification programs is the strong Agile ideas in all chapters of the organization's book.

Scrum, Kaizen, Kanban, Lean, and MVP ideas can be spotted in each row of the bagpipe.

The modern organization teaches professionals flexible thinking, modern business principles, and process optimization.

What is Agile methodology

Many authoritative authors also claim that the Agile process is better because the people who participate in it are more productive and happy. Engineers have a say in how much work they will take in what period and feel good by demonstrating the results of their efforts over some time. Managers want to see their vision turned into a real product as soon as possible and to be able to make constant changes to optimize the project. Consumers want to get a product that does exactly what they need, in a way that meets their changing desires and needs, by improving their work processes. Agile methods aim to satisfy all parties.

Managers often think that they know exactly what an application wants to look like, but they rarely give up on the opportunity to improve the project. The Agile methodology provides this opportunity because they are in constant contact with users and see in real-time how the application works and what needs to be improved. The developers also think they know how to design the perfect product. However, a consistent approach deprives them of the opportunity to demonstrate the results of their work until the entire application is integrated, which, as we said at the beginning, can take a long time.

Agile management is the opposite of the Waterfall manufacturing processes established in 1970. The Waterfall methodology is revolutionary for its time because it creates strict discipline in product development, ensuring that there is a clear specification that is strictly followed. It is based on the innovative method of production of the Henry Ford assembly line from 1913, which makes sure that every step in the production process is aimed at the initial requirements for the final product.

BVOP combines Waterfall and Agile by adding new business principles.

In addition to combining all popular management principles and methodologies, publishes in its guide clear examples of added business value to any business process. cites this fact by pointing out that BVOP Certified Project Manager is aimed at professionals who know what business value is and aim at optimization and productivity.

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